One of the joys of being a professional songwriter is getting to work with incredible writers, singers, and artists in their own right. Here are some Ilene Angel song samples sung by others…


“What Everybody Wants”
Writer: Ilene Angel
Sung by Jill Paquette

“Sea Glass”
Writers: Ilene Angel/Janice Fitzgerald
Sung by PJ Lequerica

“That’s How Love Is”
Writers: Ilene Angel/B.W. Trent
Sung by Caitlin Evanson

Writers: Ilene Angel/Tanya Leah/Maggie Szabo
Sung by Kerina

“We All Fall Down” (winner of Global Voices for Change songwriting competition)
Writers: Ilene Angel/Sue Fabisch
Sung by Missi Hale

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Writers: Ilene Angel/Tanya Leah
Sung by Matt Angel

“Everybody’s Heart Breaks Sometimes”
Writer: Ilene Angel
Sung by Kerina

“Being in Love”
Writers: Ilene Angel/Tanya Leah/Arlene Gold
Sung by The Finger Monkeys

“Love Won’t Let My Heart Forget”
Writers: Ilene Angel/Robin Kambourian
Sung by BethAnne Clayton & Perry Danos.

“I Don’t Think About It”
Writers: Ilene Angel/Sue Fabisch
Sung by Emily Osment